My FAV Brands – TOBI

Hey everyone!

I want to honor some of my favorite fashion brands to show you all the styles I love!

One of my favorites is Tobi! I went on a little haul with them and got some stylish pieces that I love!! Check out this lacey red dress — HOT! and fits like a glove. I’ve also been super into the bustier/lingerie as tops look lately. This maroon gem will go perfectly with black or dark blue jeans, or some emerald joggers! And this sweater dress? In LOVE!

Here are a few of these looks! Enjoy and make sure to check out!


You’re welcome. Have a great day loves!

Brush Me!

Hey guys!

I want to talk to you today about this AWESOME product called Brush Me!

It’s an organic whitening toothpaste that gives your teeth a beautiful white glow!

I have drank coffee and red wine for a long time now and I know it changes and stains my teeth. But since using this product, it’s helped so much!! I use it once to twice a week for about a minute to a minute and a half. Rinse, and violá!

Check out this amazing little paste and use the code “P30” at checkout for 30% off!

Click the link below and shop now!!

Brush Me World!

Let’s Get Cheeky!

Hey guys! 
I want to talk to everyone today about an AMAZING deal and lovely little monthly gift! 
I stumbled upon this adorable company called Bootay Bag! (@bootay_bag on instagram) 
They offer a plan where you receive 2 pair of undies EVERY month for a YEAR! How awesome is that?! We all know that your undies go through wear and tear. Literally! No guy or bff wants to see your old, holy undies… So here’s an idea: get a Bootay Bag membership! It’s also a great gift idea for your girlfriend/wife! You can choose whatever style you like, or mix it up every time! It’s customized to your size and preference. I mean, how cute are these?! 
They’re so comfy, and I LOVE the lace detail. I’m an all black and lace type of girl, but I also love this little baby blue gem I got as well! I’m all about lounging around in a big comfy sweater with my fav pair of undies, snuggling up to my dog or boyfriend, so this deal is perfect for me. Almost like a little xmas gift to me but I get it every month! 
Check them out today! ❤

xx // ps 

All Things Olive

All Photos // Power and Influence Photography

If you haven’t been able to tell lately, I’m obsessed with everything olive- toned. I’m a very neutral person and don’t typically prefer bright and vibrant colors. So, when olive colored clothing started coming up, it was my perfect color that wasn’t too much. I was shopping around online on and found this beautiful flowey olive dress and just couldn’t resist it! It’s so perfect for Spring and Summer style. Whether you’re out for a girls day, shopping, at the beach or on vaca, it just works! Find this and sooo many other cute clothes at Tobi! 

Or if you wanna steal this look, here is THIS DRESS

Quick tip: try rocking some different braids. They’re so easy but look so intricate! Perfect for all the festivals coming up! 

Happy Wednesday! 

Romping Around 

All photos // Power and Influence Photography

It is FINALLY warm enough and beautiful enough outside in Nashville for me to rock this amazing romper that I got from! I’m obsessing over everything Olive green toned lately, and when I saw this beautiful romper, I had to have it! 

// Click here to view it!! //

I dressed it up with boots and a custom belt that I made for more of a formal look. You could also wear it with cute sandals! Stay tuned for some other awesome items that I got from Tobi. (ps – I can’t wait til bathing suit season officially kicks off because I bought a badass suit from them as well!)
Happy Wednesday babes! 

Festival Season 101 

Let’s just put this out there:
 GO BIG OR GO HOME this year! This is the year of great festivals and if you’re not planning on going to one (or eight) of them, then you should definitely change your mind! Music is life, dude. And it’s so much better live! 

Festivals are so much fun, and a chance to express your crazy side! You see everyone at coachella with the crazy outfits/hair/and makeup and wonder, how can I look like that at a festival?! Well, let me help you with some inspiration! 

HAIR // 

Ask your stylist (or come to me at my salon) and ask for Redken City Beats color to add some pop to your every day look! They have all kinds of beautiful colors that don’t last too terribly long so that you can go back to work the next week looking like your professional self. 


Glitter, glitter, GLITTER. It’s everywhere!! My absolute fav right now is glitter from Glitter Injections!


Check out Forever 21, Tillies and Pacsun for some festival vibe clothes. Or, get them online for cheap like me! I order a lot off of the Wish app and the Wanelo app. They take a little longer to ship so order in plenty of time! Also, if you want it quicker, try Amazon Prime! It’s my jam! 


Amazon, amazon, amazon… 
Get your nails done right beforehand so you don’t have to worry about them. 
Eyelash extensions are the bomb because you don’t have to worry about wearing a ton of makeup at the festival. 
Bathing suits for clothes is OKAY. It’s too damn hot to dress up in bellbottoms and bell sleeve tops. 
Practice your braids with friends! 

I can’t wait to share my own festival looks with you all! Comment below with any questions! 

What’s Super Cool for Spring

We are finally entering into SPRING! Thank the lort. 

I’ve been creepin’ on Instagram and Pinterest lately to find out what’s IN for Spring this year! I’m so excited for Spring fashion and all Summer adventures to come. Here’s the hot stuff this month: 

HAIR // 
Texture, texture, texture! You almost want that “I just rolled out of bed” look. (which luckily I do everyday) Also, if you’ve got natural wave or curls, rock them!! 


Natural. Don’t cake it, don’t bake it. Don’t over due it or use too much self tanner, trust me. Dudes don’t like it. If you feel like you need a lot of eye makeup, invest in lash extensions! They make me feel like I never need that much makeup AT ALL. It’s amazing! Add a bold, warm- tone lip for Spring: 

Everything SHEER! A woman does not have to be modest in order to be respected. Show off a little bit! But don’t get too far out of your comfort zone to where you feel hella awkward. It’s not for everyone! Also, everyone’s rocking heavy jewelry, lots of jewelry, floral and bold colors! 

HATS // 
You usually throw on a ballcap to cover your dirty hair on laundry/cleaning day, but now it’s fashionable! I still kind of wear it on my dirtier hair days, but I now love hats when I never used to wear them! You can get cheap ones on Amazon or grab some at PacSun, H&M or Forever 21. Going out to brunch with your girls? Hat it. Casual drinks with a friend? Hat it. Shopping at the mall? Hat it. 

Shoe styles these days are either kept very casual or fancy smancy. I’m loving that tshirts, hats and tennis shoes are an everyday style now. Also, I love dressing up kinda fancy for no reason! 

SO. freaking. cute! Didn’t quite get your Summer bikini body ready in time? Get a cute one piece and don’t sweat it! 

DAY DRINKING! Include brunch if you wish or skip it and get to sippin’! It’s easier to go out and drink and hang with some friends for a couple hours during the daytime than being up for all hours of the night and being hungover the whole next day. Especially now that the weather is getting nicer! Find a place nearby with an open patio and great drinks! Even maybe some games. 

(Obviously, I’m obsessed with @laurajadestone and want to be her)
 So here’s my lil scoop on what’s hot for this Spring! If you have any questions, please comment below! Happy Wednesday!